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Concerts 2017

Under construction ____________________________________ ARCHIVE: 6 pm, 20 January COMPLETE PIANO WORKS OF BÉLA BARTÓK - Part 12 on the composer’s own grand piano Piano recital series by Csaba Kiraly, with lecture series by Hungarian musicologists Bartók Hall, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for the Humanities, Institute for Musicology, Budapest – Hungary Csaba Kiraly - piano, János Ferenc Szabó musicologist - lecture - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7 pm, 21 January Concert by Csaba Király - on the „Day of the Hungarian Culture” Csaba Kiraly - piano, Cantus Agriensis Choir, cond. Pál Péter Gergely Works by Erkel, Kodály, Bárdos, Liszt Oratorium Artium Pyrkerianum, Eger (Hungary) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7 pm, 23 January New Year Chamber Concert Reformierte Kirche (Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland) Csaba Kiraly - piano, Olga Walmond - Soprano Works by Liszt and Dvorak - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6 pm, 23 February COMPLETE PIANO WORKS OF BÉLA BARTÓK - Part 13 on the composer’s own grand piano Piano recital series by Csaba Kiraly, with lecture series by Hungarian musicologists Bartók Hall, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for the Humanities, Institute for Musicology, Budapest Csaba Kiraly - piano, Istvan G. Németh musicologist - lecture - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6 pm, 30 March COMPLETE PIANO WORKS OF BÉLA BARTÓK - Part 14 on the composer’s own grand piano Piano recital series by Csaba Kiraly, with lecture series by Hungarian musicologists Bartók Hall, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for the Humanities, Institute for Musicology, Budapest Csaba Kiraly - piano, András Batta musicologist - lecture __________________________________________________________________________________________________


Recent review - Concert  23/01/2017 Verein Beflügelt, Küssnacht Am Rigi, Luzern, Switzerland _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Success on the International Bartók Music Festival and Symposium, Hacettepe University, Ankara (Turkey) - 30 /04/2015 “As one of the closing event on the International Bartók Seminarium and Festival, an excellent and unforgettable piano recital was held by Csaba Kiraly, by the outstanding Hungarian musician. Participation of famous Hungarian and Turkish musicians, artists contributed to the high level standard of the Festival events, therefore the impressions and experiences resulted memorable moments and hours for all, who attended our programs. Kiraly held a lecture about “On the way of Bartók's musical thinking - Practical methods in Piano Improvisation” and played a solo piano recital in the “Çankaya Belediyesi Çağdaş Sanatlar Salonu”, where his program was compiled from Bartók piano pieces. The recital program, which was live broadcasted by the TRT Radyo 3, consisted of great masterpieces by Bartók, such as the Romanian Folk Dances, Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs, Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm, Romanian Dance no. 1, An Evening at the Village, and the Sonata (1926) were all masterfully performed, with precise high level musical and technical execution. The clear and authentic way of performing Bartók’s piano pieces, additionally the artist’s own improvisation in the style of the composer resulted an extraordinary musical “adventure” for the lucky audience, who listened Kiraly’s performance in person and live, through the TRT Radyo 3 as well. (Prof. Yesim Alkaya Yener, piano professor, head of the Bartók Festival, head of the Music Department in the Hacettepe University, Ankara) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Piano Recital in Corpus Christi and Harlingen TX, USA - 28, 30 /11/2014 “The audience could have a great chance in the Piano Series of the Chopin Society of Texas to listen two wonderful and memorable piano recitals in the X. S. Pius Church in Corpus Christi, and at the Cultural Arts Center in Harlingen, given by the excellent Hungarian pianist, Csaba Király. Musicality and technique and the level of his piano playing brought an extraordinary experience, cannot be forgotten for all of those, who attended his recitals on 28 and 30 November. His program was compiled from various works of two styles: the classical Sonata A major of J. Haydn, 3 Mazurkas and Scherzo B flat minor by the great romantic composer F. Chopin and various beautiful pieces of F. Liszt: Consolation D flat major, Founit of Villa d’Este, etc. as well as two great masterpiece of the composer: the “Ricordanza” transcendental etude and and Liszt’s grandioso opera paraphrase of Reminiscences of the Norma by Bellini. We all are very lucky and delighted to take part in this event, to listen to this rearly heard recital, played by one of the best pianist in the world.” (Nina Drath, President of the International Chopin Society of Texas) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Piano Recital at Quest University, Squamish, Canada - 05/12/2014

“This Friday, award-winning Hungarian pianist Csaba Király played an all-Liszt recital to

a packed audience of several hundred students, faculty, and community members, who

responded with enthusiasm bordering on awe to the masterful playing of this great

artist. Dr. Király’s choice of repertoire served to showcase both Liszt’s breadth as a

composer and the versatility of the performer, with pieces ranging from virtuosic

warhorses to lyrical tone poems to late experimental works. Given Quest’s location

amidst the natural beauty of British Columbia, Waldesrauschen (Forest Murmurs) was

an appropriate opener. Király’s rich imagination and sensitive ear served to bring to life

Liszt’s marvelous evocation of nature.

In complete contrast was the following Csardas obstinée, a late work defined by stark

textures, propulsive rhythms, and a decidedly unromantic aesthetic. Király handled this

volta face with aplomb, capturing the ferocity and exuberance of Liszt’s untraditional

reimagining of a traditional Hungarian dance. In the following two pieces - Les Jeux

d’eau à la Villa d’Este and Mephisto Waltz No. 4 - he once again navigated the gulf separating Liszt at his most

impressionistic from Liszt the elder statesman of musical modernism. The first half tipped the scales decisively

towards Romanticism with Ricordanza (Remembrance), rendered with exquisite sensitivity, bel canto lyricism, and

an extraordinarily broad palette of colors.

The second half of the concert began with an incendiary rendition of Mephisto Waltz No. 1, a work for which Dr.

Király has a special affinity, and one of Liszt’s most effective showpieces. Unparalleled virtuosity, alloyed with the

uncommon imagination already demonstrated in the first half of the recital, served to produce a performance that

was both astonishing and moving. Király concluded the second half of the program with another of his specialties,

the Réminiscences de Norma, perhaps the finest of Liszt’s operatic paraphrases. Here marked the fullest synthesis

of technical display and dramatic heft, as Király drew the transfixed audience into Liszt’s intensely concentrated

recounting of Bellini’s tale of love and war. As the final octaves rang out, the audience arose en masse, offering

raucous thanks for what they had just witnessed. The pianist responded with Liebestraum (Love Dream) No. 3,

offering us an effortlessly natural, profoundly moving performance as an encore.

Two final performances bear mentioning. In between the two massive pieces of the second half, Dr. Király played

what was for me the high point of the recital, the third Consolation; never before have I heard such a subtle,

nuanced reading of this piece. Were one to poll the audience, though, I suspect the final encore would win their

vote. After exploring the full range of Romantic pianism, Király stunned the audience with a jazz improvisation,

Gershwinesque in its harmonic suavity. It was a fitting conclusion to an evening full of surprises, not least of which

was the strength of the response of so varied an audience. It was both moving and encouraging to see the

universal appeal of great music played by so serious an artist as Dr. Király, and it is to be hoped that he will one

day return to Quest to share his enviable musical gifts with us again.”

(Andrew Harringer musicologist, Andrew Haringer, PhD, Teaching Fellow, Humanities, Quest University Canada, Squamish BC) __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Piano Recital  on the Recital Series “Beflügelt”, Switzerland - 23/11/2014

Concert Series “Beflügelt” - Concert Review (see picture)


New CDs have been released

New CD-s have been released, the selected piano works of Franz Liszt, made in the Hungaroton Studio, the special edition of the artist’s own piano improvisations played in the Concert Hall of the Kodály Centre in Pécs, selection of Bach organ works, made in the Evangelist Church of Deák tér in Budapest. The World premiere CD Edition of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in Csaba Király’s own organ transcription is also available.
Csaba Kiraly piano recital - Corpus Christi, 2014
F. Liszt Piano Works (1)Csaba Kiraly - piano, CD published in 2014 1. Forest Murmurs / Waldesrauschen; 2. Forgotten Waltz / Valse oubliée - No. 1; 3. Obstinate Csardas / Csardas obstinée; 4. “Ricordanza” - Transcendental Etude No. 9; 5. Mephisto Waltz No. 4; 6. Consolation No. 3 in D flat major; 7. Mephisto Waltz No. 1; 8. Reminiscences of Norma (Bellini) Total Time: 61’17”  Gleaming Memories - Piano Improvisations (2)Csaba Kiraly - piano, CD Published in 2014 1. Wind on the plain (Hommage à Debussy); 2. In memory of Rachmaninov; 3. „Oriental waves” with walk; 4. Raindrops; 5. Meditation (I); 6. Winking toward Jazz; 7. Blues-like; 8. Hommage à Mikrokosmos (Bartók); 9. Glissandino (like child song); 10. Developments; 11. Jumpings; ; 12. Japanese-like; 13. Bass guitar (in memory of my brother); 14. Dialogue with augmented seconds; 15. Meditation of chords; 16. Medley; 17. Meditation (II); 18. Trailing triads; 19. Quart meditation Total time: 70’33”  J. S. Bach Organ Works (3)Csaba Kiraly - organ, CD published in 2014 1. Trio Sonata E flat major – BWV 525; 2. Herzlich tut mich verlangen – BWV 727; 3. Der Tag, der ist so freudenreich – BWV 605; 4. Jesu meine Freude – BWV 610; 5. Ich ruf zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ – BWV 639; 6. Concerto A minor (Vivaldi-Bach) – BWV 593; 7. Kommst du nun, Herr Jesu, vom Himmel herunter – BWV 650; 8. Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme – BWV 645; 9. Trio Sonata G major – BWV 530; 10. Concerto C major – BWV 595 Total time: 60’15”  Beethoven: Symphony Nr. 9 (4)Csaba Kiraly - organ Transcribed for organ by Csaba Kiraly World premiere CD, Republished in 2014 Total Time: 61’17”  *** to order CD-s, contact the artist Csaba Kiraly piano recital - Ankara, 2015 Complete Piano Works of Béla Bartók - Csaba Kiraly's Piano Recital Series